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Home Textiles Co., Ltd. Shandong Yuntao
Regional Sales Manager, Shandong market recruitment notices

   To further enhance the skin-friendly towel TOKISS Yuntao marketing network, and optimize marketing team structure, promote skin-friendly towels TOKISS Yuntao network coverage and increasing sales rates, combined with the development of the company's actual situation and development strategy, formulated in Shandong cloud Tao Textile Limited 2010 marketing recruitment program.
    First, the recruitment program:
    Regional Sales Manager Job 15-20, is responsible for skin-friendly towel TOKISS Yuntao regional marketing, development, terminal maintenance work.
    Second, candidates guide:
① landing Yuntao textile company website - → ② into "human resources" column - → ③ read "Yuntao regional sales manager for home textiles in 2009 recruitment program" - → ④ download the attachment "of candidates Registration Form" - → ⑤ more complete and E-mail sent to the recruitment of special:
    Third, the company profile and recruitment requirements
    Home Textiles Co., Ltd. Shandong Yuntao 1,600 employees, is one of the domestic towel industry leader. The main production and management towels, pillow covers, towels, bath towels, beach towels, towel and so on. Market coverage throughout the country and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Japan, Russia, Australia, South America and other countries and regions, and are popular among domestic and foreign customers and recognized.
    In 2009 the company adhering to the "quality makes the brand" product concept, and skin-friendly towel TOKISS international cooperation in research and development center and an exclusive introduction of the "three skin-friendly technology", launched the first domestic high-end TOKISS Yuntao skin-friendly towels. TOKISS towels to build China brand skin-friendly, is due to enterprise development needs, regional sales manager of Shandong 15-20.

Job requirements:
    College education, age less than 35, male or female; market operations more than two years experience, with industry sales experience or channels and customer resources.
    Training new staff by two months, the first three months, staff from the marketing department for the overall quality of assessment, evaluation projects, including sales performance, the number of new customer development, travel days, business call recording, in line with the company as required by the permanent staff the signing of labor contracts and pay social insurance.
    Duration treatment: basic salary + commission + travel allowance 1500 80 / day
    Third, the recruitment process:
1, the first test (to complete the registration form marketing staff and I mainly related documents)
2, the second interview: work and learning experience, language, image quality, work attitude, potential and so on.
3, training of new recruits
    Experts hired by the company to sell the new recruits training in knowledge and knowledge production and training.
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